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From the beginning

The concept for Know Your Town was established pre-lockdown in 2019. The initial aim was to develop one core app that covered every area within the UK (all major towns and cities).

The first national app was launched in 2020, however this concept proved difficult to fulfil due to the sheer content requirements and marketing costs that were involved.

This led to the management team re-thinking the overall strategy which is now aimed at individual town or city apps per area. Here at KYT, we just feel that the individual presence brings a much more local community feel, and allows the Company to expand into new areas at a more realistic pace.

The first local app was launched in Spennymoor Town, and has now been followed by Durham City, Washington and more recently Guisborough.

These areas are just the start, and we are now in a position to move into new areas.

This is helped by the recruitment of 3 new personnel who will oversee their own areas, initially within the North East, followed by expansion into other areas of the UK.

Our new strategy for taking the Company to the next level has also opened up potential opportunities for franchisees who could invest into an area that is local to them.

We hope we now have string foundations to move forward.

Thank you for reading.

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